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Who are You, Mister Math?

Mister Math (thew) Killam is a math enthusiast from the metro Boston area with over ten years of professional tutoring experience, and a lifetime of amature web development interest and experience. Equipped with nothing more than a text editor and a heart full of dreams, he has been building mrmath.com since 2012, and is having a blast every step of the way. He also finds writing in the third person to be painfully awkward.

I love math and I want you to love it too. I started tutoring calculus at age 18 and intend to keep tutoring until I'm 81, if I haven't lost my marbles. Would you really want to hire a private instructor who didn't have that kind of passion?

Whether I can help you via private sessions, seminars, or just with the free resources I've created, I thank you earnestly for letting me be a page in the story of your math journey. Let's make the world a math-ier place.

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