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Mr. Math online live instruction takes place within an online classroom similar to a webinar platform. Everything is browser-based with no required software, whether you're interested in webcast classroom-style sessions or private individualized lessons.

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Routine Broadcasts

Classcasts are routinely held live class sessions on specified topics. Unlike personalized sessions, these structured webcasts focus on the topic's general how-to as well as common tips, tricks, and pitfalls to avoid. Students can submit Q&A during the presentation and the last 10 minutes are dedicated to answering questions. Class enrollment is $20, and participation is limited to 30 students.

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Sessions As-You-Go

Available for individuals or small groups, single tutoring sessions from Mr. Math are offered on a schedule and pay as-you-go basis. Lessons are tailored to students' specific needs, and students can send easily homework problems or other material before the lesson. Individual lessons are great for students who need to focus on their own concerns, while group tutoring lessons are great for friends who want to refresh or learn material together and share in the victory and cost. There is no difference in instruction capability, functionality, and cost between booking an individual session and a group session, and up to 5 students can share the lesson.

Available time slots for booking a session are always up-to-date on my Google Calendar ». I'm also glad to chat first before you sign up - send me a message&nnbsp;» at mrmath@mrmath.com.

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Math Mentoring - Buy in Bulk

If you have long-term or multi-student tutoring needs, you can purchase several hours of sessions at once. In exchange for the regularity you bring to scheduling my life, you'll get between 5% and 20% off from what you'd pay if you bought sessions one at a time, depending on how many hours you need.

If you're interested in Math Mentoring, I'd like to speak with you first and hear about your needs and goals. Please e-mail me » at mrmath@mrmath.com to start the conversation.

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In addition to live instruction, mrmath.com helps students improve their algebra apptitude, pre-calc prowess, and calculus cunning via a complete suite of web lessons. It's like one massive online textbook, written for the modern age with students in mind. It's searchable, organized, and broken into small enough pieces to be manageable to work with. There are also dynamic worksheets to supplement the coursework

In addition to purchased direct instruction, Mister Math is growing a marvelous collection of HTML based online web lessons, free for all to read and learn from. The curriculum is complete, specific, organized, and searchable. There is also a (forthcoming) practice problem worksheet generator, which will be revolutionary to the way students are able to practice and become better at math.

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