Mentoring Programs

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

There's no subsitute for having Mr. Math on speed dial for every homework assignment, quiz, test, and midterm. Save money and anxiety with the Mr. Math Personal Mentoring program - sign up for a month, a semester, or a full school year. While you're under my wing, I'll meet you regularly with preferred lesson scheduling and make sure you get to the level you need to be at, and stay there.

Package Details

Packages are available in various lesson quantities with recommended time spans - just pick what works best for you. And if you need to upgrade your package along the way, or want to add on an extra lesson here and there, I will gladly get you what you need at the same discounted rates. All package lessons are 60 minute sessions.

Choose a Duration

  • Trust Fall Package - 1 month
  • Safety Net Package - 1 semester
  • Sanctuary Package - 1 school year

Choose a Meeting Freqency

  • Lessons Once Weekly
  • Lessons Twice Weekly

The detailed breakdown of these options is:

Package ChoiceOnce WeeklyTwice Weekly
Trust Fall4 Lessons
4 Weeks
(1 Month)
5% discount
8 Lessons
4 Weeks
(1 Month)
10% discount
Safety Net15 Lessons
15 Weeks
(1 Semester)
12% discount
30 Lessons
15 Weeks
(1 Semester)
15% discount
Sanctuary36 Lessons
36 Weeks
(180 School Days)
17% discount
72 Lessons
36 Weeks
(180 School Days)
20% discount

Weeks and timeframe are included to help you think about what number of lessons makes the most sense for your particular needs, but the lessons can be scheduled however and whenever you like, whether you need more or fewer weeks to use them all.

When you sign up to have me as your math coach, you get the highest value for your money and eliminate the stress factor from your coursework.

Still have questions? Contact me » I'm happy to answer any questions you have!


  • Packages are available for individual private lessons only, not group lessons.
  • I am willing to refund unused lessons only at my discretion, and if so, your overall discount for the lessons you used will change to the appropriate level before a refund is issued for the remaining lessons. My number one goal is to make sure you get what you need.
  • Homework Checks are for validating homework, not for me to do it for you.