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This page gives you a comprehensive look at all the current destinations of the Mister Math website, as well as a description of each page's purpose.

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Landing Page »Site landing page
Site Map »You are here.
Why Choose Mr. Math? »Read about my expertise and why I'm the right choice to get you caught up or otherwise meet your math goals.
About Mr. Math »Learn what makes me tick, and read a short bio.
Contact Mr. Math »Information about contacting Mister Math.
Ways to Learn » See the difference between the two types of instruction Mister Math has to offer - tutoring and seminars.
Private Tutoring »Learn about online tutoring in the Mister Math classroom - how it works, what comes with it, and how to navigate to the scheduling page, where anyone can book a session at a time of their choice.
Group Tutoring »Information about group tutoring sessions. See how group sessions are conducted and look at the few differences between Mister Math private and group sessions.
Math Mentoring »Learn about tutoring packages that include daily Homework Checks and bundled session hours, at a bulk price.
Enroll in a Package »Purchase Homework Checks, enroll in a Personal Coaching program, or register for an upcoming seminar.
View All Lessons » View all the lessons in the DNA of Math list-style, with links to the lessons (web lessons are still being written, but links will be active for lessons that are written!).
How Do You Do? » HDYD is a collection of common questions I see students ask. This resource is really helpful for quick answers to specific questions, especially when you're famliliar with the topic but just need a small reminder of how it works. Answers also contain links to the corresponding full lessons.
Misfit Math » Oddball math topics that are not essential enough to include in the DNA, but are interesting on their own, such as how to find cube roots by hand, or how to generate pythagorean triples.
Coming Attractions »See what free practice problem resources are in the works for the future of Mister Math. Unprecedented resources are in production to make this world a math-ier place!
Worksheets - Coming Soon! » Practice problems for days - create your own or browse the ones for any specific lesson.
Formula Sheets - Coming Soon! » Get the cream of the crop for any subject, so you can review and memorize the important stuff and make sure you feel ready for anything. Great for finals and midterms!
ID My HW - Coming Soon! » ID My HW is like playing "20 Questions" - I can figure out what you're working on fairly quickly by leveraging the DNA of Math. This is a great tool for when you're working on an assignment and you're having trouble finding the right resources on it. E.g. I can get you to the lesson that shows you exactly how to solve equations with trig functions in them, when all you can find in Google is stuff on "SOH-CAH-TOA".