Why Mr. Math?

The Mr. Math Difference

Let's face it - everyone has different needs and different perceptions when it comes to math help. If you need help from someone who is good at math, there are a lot of choices, from college students who are not far removed from learning it themselves, to your uncle who's an engineer and kind of remembers Calculus.

But if you need help from a professional tutor who specializes in quickly assessing your ability and getting you up to the level you need, I'm the one you're looking for.

My Experience

I've been teaching math privately since 2006, but it takes more than the passage of time to breed an expert - it takes passion, perception, and ability. I care about getting you the results you want, whether it's to pass one test with a B or to become a subject matter expert. I can read between the lines very quickly to figure out what you do and don't know about math relative to what you're learning. And I know how to explain math in ways that are digestible and memorable.

What Makes Me Different?

Most of the time when I see other instruction or practice materials, I see the same mistake over and over again - people who are trying to teach math are communicating as if the person listening already knows what they're talking about. I read through their material and see constant signals that they don't remember what it was like to not know math.

One of the reasons students find my teaching style so effective is that I truly remember what it was like to NOT know how to do math, and the way I teach reflects that.

If you've tried other tutors before and weren't convinced you got the best help you can get, let's start a conversation. If you're serious about getting results, you won't regret calling me!

  • Over a decade of experience
  • Lightning fast assessment and adaptability to find and meet you at your current level of understanding
  • Every topic and subtopic off the top of my head, ready to teach at the drop of a hat
  • Awareness of how topics are interrelated across the whole high school curriculum
  • A relatable teaching style